Suzi (3 May 2011)
"To Patty Re: BHO & BC"

All good points, but how scary is it that they are not the only things 'wrong with this picture'.

As others (including myself) have said (here and elsewhere):

He let Lt. Lakin go to jail without producing this piece of paper, that, if 'real', would have put an end to things and shown the world it had 'passed the discovery' test that courts go through when evidence is presented. BUT, instead, the Judge 'looked into' the issue and said the evidence would not be presented, because what was 'discovered' "could prove embarrassing to the President".

What about the 'officials' that flat out stated that there was NO LONG FORM BC, since those records were 'destroyed' or 'tossed out' or whatever, when things went 'electronic'. If that is the case, were THEY lying? The Governor or whomever that clown in the Hawaiian shirt is who said he knew the Dunhams and KNEW that BHO was born in Hawaii, would prove it once and for all...but came up short, since, 'there just isn't anything'...but some 'notations' in some records or some such. huh?

So many lies and cross lies and's sad.

SOMEONE has to be lying, they can't all be 'right' when they are saying opposite things.

I can tell BHO is a liar (and it's not just that joke, 'because his lips are moving'). He just looks, acts and sounds like a liar.

Someone needs to literally 'put him on trial', because when he finally does face the Final Judge, it's gonna be too late for him, right now things are too late for us.