Suzi (27 May 2011)
"Crazy weather!"

I live in Central CA, right in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. Yesterday afternoon/early evening, I was sitting out front with my husband and our new puppy. She was getting some energy out and the wind really kicked up. I noticed a chemtrail across the sky had a bit of an arch to it. Within a few minutes the trees were whipping around like crazy and the slight arch of the chemtrail hand circled in and was a deep "U" shape...the wind was doing that circular motion that tornadoes do. We've had 'twisters' set down here, I saw the 'finger' of one just a couple of miles away one year, but they don't do much but knock over trees & fences, there is usually some property damage to homes or cars that get hit by said trees and such. Right after I'd seen that and it got chilly outside (and our puppy caught a scent on the wind and got really afraid) we came inside and I saw one of my online friends from up by Sacramento mention that 3 tornadoes had done damage in Northern California. Wow. Things just keep getting stranger and stranger. Earthquakes where they don't belong, tornadoes here...everything is going crazy!

Be safe everyone, out time here is short, but we know we will see some 'tribulations'!