Suzi (27 May 2011)
"On BHO & the date"

Two things jumped out at me as I briefly read the titles of today's letters (read some, then back to my sick bed w/ this nasty chest cold).

The thing with the date, not only did he get the YEAR wrong, but as my daughter pointed out, most Americans write the date with Month, Day, Year...

Then, the name thing...I always felt he used his full name on purpose. He wanted people to know who he was. Right at a time when the name Hussein was all over the news, why would he want that tacked on? Why not just an initial? I know the news people jumped on it, but he made jokes about his 'funny name'. I believe this was done intentionally.

Then, the relation to 'olde religion' names...yep, I caught the connection when I learned his Pro-Death stance. Did not surprise me in the least. I also, just thought the other day that it was almost as if people were saying, "the rock" when they said his name....and he is neither Dwayne Johnson, nor The Rock!!

So many things this man does, says, doesn't do, doesn't say...everything just points to him being a fraud, and very very dangerous. But then, I've known/felt this for, well, since about 2008!!!