Suzi (27 May 2011)
"RE: TV show "The Event""

I enjoy sci-fi tv and movies. I like thinking about 'other worlds and possibilities'. I've always felt that 'magic' is just science we don't understand yet. I joke with the kids when we're driving at night and I see a 'light in the sky' and I say, 'look a UFO'...usually one of there friends will say, 'that's just a plane'...I'll say, 'spoil sport, I couldn't identify it!'

So, of course I started watching "The Event". I did miss a few episodes, but got caught up with the last few episodes last night. I was shocked by the final scene, not because it was unexpected (even tho it was), but because it looked exactly like the image that my daughter described in a reoccurring dream she's had! I still haven't had a chance to show her the end of the episode (she's been so busy lately). But that shot of the planet, which was causing earthquakes on earth, looked just how I pictured what my daughter kept describing to me.

Of course, I think if an astral body that big came suddenly that close to earth it would cause some major damage and disruptions of our orbit and all was still a powerful image and lends itself to an intriguing tv show. Let me just  note that I do find it odd that so (as has been said before) that Hollywood sure is lending itself to preparing the masses for a 'close encounter' of some kind, very soon! A lot of it is the 'copy cat' effect that happens in 'show biz', if someone makes a car movie, 2 or 3 other 'car' movies come out...romantic comedy....same thing...sometimes the movies can be so much alike it's almost impossible to tell them apart. (I still get "Bug's Life" and "Antz" mixed up!). Now it's aliens...something that's been a theme off and on in Hollywood since movies began, but now it's going full steam ahead.  Whether it's conditioning, or just trying to cash in a formula that works, it's curious. It also makes it easier to 'pooh pooh' any stories of 'Planet X' and such when someone can just say, 'watching too much tv lately? Saw that on The Event'. huh?

Time will tell.