Suzi (25 May 2011)
"Thought of more..."

It's almost like one of those comedy sketches with a 'he said/she said' kind of thing. One event, seen by two different people, both 'seeing' something totally different. Classic theme used in books, movies, tv...right?

But when it comes to the Rapture, it's not so funny.

What 'we' will see is very clearly spelled out for us. Basically, we'll hear the Trumpet sound, the graves will open and the dead in Christ will rise first, then in the twinkling of an eye we'll be changed, and rise up to meet Jesus in the air.

What the world will see? Remember the old Irwin Allen disaster movies? Something like that...on steroids.

God has used 'natural events' all the time...I mean, He created it all, and as I said in my letter to Carol, just like a line of dominoes, He flicks ONE, and down the line the end result will be as HE planned it from the beginning. Let's say 'Planet X' is a real thing coming our way...HE made it. He set it (and all the 'lights') in the sky to mark time, seasons (divine appointments), and signs. The sun is also a gift from Him. It gives us life on this planet...but sometimes, it likes to have fits. We've all read how there have been solar storms in the past, one way back that knocked out the telegraph more recently that put a huge hunk of the East Coast into darkness with power outages. Then we have the freakish weather...possibly caused by said Planet X, or the Sun Storms, or some other 'domino' that God set into motion. At any given time there is a mega storm going on now-a-days. How 'bout Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, and all manner of 'natural' disasters? Well, I'm gonna do me up a 'hypothetical', hold on tight, my mind is a very scary place!

When the Dead in Christ Rise first, I honestly believe that there is going to be a physical reaction (the graves open up), that is going to challenge the very fabric of physical matter. I think there will be mini explosions of energy all over the planet when those bodies get renewed! I think they will cause the 'sudden destruction'...the worldwide massive earthquakes. I think that God will use His previously set up 'dominoes' of Planet X and the Sun's temperament, to set a plethora of insane happenings off around the globe. Earthquakes will trigger tsunamis and volcanoes, which will cause floods of water and fire (not to mention dams breaking, water lines erupting, gas lines igniting)...all our nukes will go the way of Japan's, the weather will simply go crazy. The sun's blasts will shoot out damaging EMPs that will indeed 'knock planes out of the sky'...besides making all cars and other vehicles inoperable (all those disaster movies with cars in gridlock? Naw...they'll be electrically fried and just STOP working!). I think the main thing will be that it will all be 'explainable' to those with hardened hearts and blinders on. In the aftermath, people will be missing. Lots of people. Not just the 'dead in Christ', and not just the Believers, but also those who were killed in the 'sudden destruction' that hit the earth.  Those are the saddest ones, the ones who will die in their sins. Then, to add more confusion into the mix and keep everyone from saying, 'oh wait, maybe it was that Rapture thing?', there will be survivors from most likely every major 'religion' on earth 'still here'...even from 'our own ranks'. Hopefully though, they will be the leaders for the 'resistance' that is to come.

But, think of the state of things, the massive destruction. Look at the news now, look at photos from every major disaster in the past 10 years and think of it EVERYWHERE at the SAME TIME! That is what I think it will be...and no wonder people will not realize that 'we' are

Maybe I watch too many movies. Maybe I have a morbid imagination...maybe I am not as Scripturally learned as some, but that's how I've 'pictured it' for a very long time. I always thought we'd have a pole shift, so there's another factor to enter into the scenario...that would also 'shorten the time'. huh.

If someone made THAT into a movie, it would make a buncha money, huh? Of course, if it was revealed that it was all GOD's work, no studio would want it. :(