Suzi (25 May 2011)
"To Cindy G re: 57:1"

Wow, I'd not even thought of that passage...I am no Bible scholar, I wish I were. I remember bits and pieces and know the gist of things, but I'm terrible with remember where it said what!

I just think that if everything started happening all over the world at once, earthquakes, ensuing tsunami's, added to the 'normal' weather we've had of late, there would bound to be a tornado going on somewhere, hurricane here or there...the list goes on and on...ALL AT THE SAME TIME? Worldwide? *eep*

Yeah, imagine the normal loss of life, the 'missing'. People, with blinders on and hardened hearts would just assume 'we' were lost in the chaos of this HUGE 'natural disaster'. I think the stuff about 'Planet X' and all that is anther piece to the puzzle too. IF we do see catastrophic events when it comes closer, it would make perfect 'scientific sense' that major world wide events could take place! Plus the saddest part about the verse is that because so many 'good people' (in the worldly sense) would be 'left behind', people would just 'assume' again, that it was just the result of the devastation. Funny, (in the twisted sorta way), Insurance companies will even refer to these things as 'Acts of God'...but those people who do not 'get it', will just not GET IT!!


Imagine too, the results of major quakes on all the Nuclear facilities...the New Madrid Fault has how many? Sheesh...people will be dying from that too...I think the major quake will actually be a pole shift myself, it would explain so many of the odd things that are supposed to happen. I think having a 'science geek' son who's been on fire for the Lord since he was 3 helped me understand (a bit) how God does use His creations to bring about these's almost like the domino effect, He flicks one piece and everything falls where He means for it to. He set the 'lights in the sky' to mark seasons and make if Planet X is coming around, HE put it there! "for such a time as this". Wow.

What's going to go down will make the 'special effects' from the movie 2012 look like something a high schooler made in 'video 101'.

BUT we know that we will be 'snatched away', out of danger. The saddest part is, there will be people who die who will not go through the Great Tribulation, and that means no chance to choose God! This is what we need to get across to the one is guaranteed a number of days. So, we need to be ready, right NOW. 'Cuz the fact of the matter is, it could happen at any time. Historically, we are there. We are at the starting line. For the first time in history, everything has lined up. Ready. Set. GO!!!