Suzi (24 May 2011)
"To Joe M. re: Scoffers"

When I think of the different people in the news media, politics, and now in what used to be 'mainstream churches', I can see the 'scoffers'. Even those who claim to be 'Christian' scoff at any idea that is taken directly from Scripture. I've seen Bill O'Reilly do that many times. Of course Glenn Beck does it all the time. Hannity seems the most careful in his talk of 'religious' themes, and Greta seems non-committed.

Twitter was one 'joke' after another over this Harold Camping deal. There were many scoffers.

But, as I've told my husband and kids, 'we know it's happening, we see the signs, someday will be THE DAY'. Yet, so many do scoff.

We all know the words about 'ravenous wolves, in sheep's clothing'...we'll, let's add to that list, being the "boy who cried wolf" is just as bad. I wonder how much Spirtual damage was done by this man...not to mention the emotional.