Suzi (24 May 2011)
"To Mariel re: clouds and chem trails"

There was a really good film done about Chem-Trails which I wish I still had the link was a multi-part youtube video series that scientists had done, and even some actors got involved in. The fact that they had proof of the Barium and Stronium levels in the snowfall up by Mt. Shasta was scary. They even went to an organic farm in Hawaii, with rich volcanic soil, that didn't even allow vehicles within a mile or so of the actual fields, and yet, a child growing up there, when they did a hair sample test had these high levels of toxins!

From what I've been reading (I always check my "4 Cs" sites, 'Christian, Conservative, Conspiracy and Crazy'!), the stuff we've been getting doused with from the chemtrails is mixing with the fall out from Japan, and we're basically getting the effects of a 'dirty bomb'.

I think the only reason we're seeing cleaner skies is because we've been having storms here. The wind/rain/hail has really cleaned up the air, but it only lasts a day or the sky has that all over white look. Last night, the stars were visible, but dull.

I will try to find that info about the Chemtrails, it was actually for sale, but they encouraged people to copy it, and pass it around (I may have gotten it here awhile back, come to think of it!). One of the things that I think can be done on a 'canvas' of those fake clouds, is to project an image onto them. Just like watching "Fantasmic" at Disneyland, where they project onto a fine spray of water, or in their Pirate's ride, they have a thin 'curtain' of mist to project Davy Jones (and now Blackbeard)....I think we'll be 'seeing things' (if we haven't already). But it should also be a way to 'bounce' energy/waves/whatever off them too. HAARP uses the ionosphere to do it's 'work/testing'...who knows, maybe having a 'shield' of particles up there helps them 'aim'? I know that many people have seen very odd 'iris' like blips on the doppler radar when they look at the satellite weather images, right around the time of these big storms, they are too perfect to be weather, they look like a perfect circle with an iris effect to it. I know 'man' has been manipulating the weather for years (cloud seeding), so who knows.

Aha! Found the series! "What in the World are they Spraying":

Multi-part vids, but worth the watch!