Suzi (23 May 2011)
"CDC should not try to deal in 'humor'..."

...or are they?

I'm a fan of the short-lived FOX tv show "Firefly" (2002), I was not alone. Because of fan demand, a movie was made: "Serenity" (the name of the Firefly class star ship the crew sailed in). In both the tv show and the movie, "Reavers" played an important role. They were real life monsters, they were thought to be 'men gone mad' out in the 'black' who'd seen a 'vasty nothingness and gone all bibbledy'. And since the movie came out in '05, I hope I'm not 'spoiling' anyone by letting the cat out of the bag and noting that the crew finds out the truth of their origin. You see, 'Earth that Was' is uninhabitable 500 years into the future according to the imagination of Joss Whedon. Settlers have gone out into space and 'terraformed' planets, making them as close to Earth that Was as they can. Problem is, (and Joss claims to be an atheist), MAN cannot seem to keep from each little planet having it's own 'quirks'. None of them are 'perfect'. The Alliance is a governing body that makes the idea of the NWO sound good. They rule EVERYTHING. The Independents tried to rebel, but lost the battle. So, here we are on the raggedy edge...our crew is led by Capt. Mal Reynolds, he was a Sgt. in the war, he was against the Alliance (Purple bellies), he was/is a "Browncoat". He does not trust the government and what they tell people, he used to be a believer, devout, but he saw some horrors in war that have soured him on God.

Why bring all this up with a 'title' about the CDC? I find it creepifying (I'm peppering this whole letter with Firefly-isms, heh), that our own government can 'joke' about a zombie apocalypse while trying to tell us to 'be ready'. In "Serenity" the movie (I was one of 11 lucky fans who got to be an extra), we see the Reavers doing their thing. They are cannibals...and that's about the nicest thing you can say about them. In the TV show, when the Doctor asks about them, thinking they were just scary 'campfire stories', he's told, very seriously by Zoe, the First Mate of the ship, "...they aren't stories, if they board us, they'll rape us to death, eat our flesh, and sew our skin into their clothes, and if we're very very lucky, they'll do it in that order."

Again...why all this info about a Sci-Fi show/movie that most people have not heard of? Why is it something that came to mind when I got this:

Because in "Serenity", we find the the crew finds a planet that was thought to have failed due to one of those 'quirks' that all the newly terraformed planets have, has people just laying down, dead, sitting at their desks, dead...and they are led to a beacon, where a holographic image of a scientist explains that it was NOT a malfunction or some kind of accident, it was in fact, their fault. It was 'The Pax" (meaning peace), she says a long scientific name of the drug that they pumped into the air systems all over the modernized world (some planets are very primitive, old west like, some are shiny and new, modern with hover cars and such).   They were trying to 'weed out aggression'. But for most it made them just 'do nothing'. They lost all drive, all feeling, just lay down and died. BUT, some of the people were affected in a total opposite way. They became aggressive, only more so, worse than can be imagined. The holographic image ends when we hear them roaring and breaking into the place she's secured herself, she tries to kill herself but we see a brief moment when they get camera we hear her screams and their snarls. The biggest toughest guy in the group pleads, 'turn if off'.

Now, this is sci-fi, this is from the imagination of a very popular writer/director. He says his inspiration was from the Civil War stories of how people coped after a battle that divided a nation, and how settlers pushed West, and how they came upon some groups of 'savage peoples' (Native American and ex-soldiers). But I get a hinkier take from this....we can not trust our government. They do stuff like this fiction all the time 'for our own good'...they might actually mean well...but it usually isn't till it's too late that they realize they were 'playing God' and not doing a very good job of it.

If the CDC thinks that making jokes about a zombie apocalypse is a good way to get people to 'prepare for the worse' just makes me wonder, 'what exactly do they have planned'?

We have so many conspiracy theories out there, from chem trails and HAARP to putting Fluoride in the water and seeding the skys with Stronium and Barium...from man-made earthquakes and killer 'vaccines' which, according to Bill Gates will play a big role in 'population reduction'.

Are we going to wake up one day to our own form of 'Reavers'? (when I was on the set, another 'professional' background player was saying she was a bit confused, since the last time she worked on the film, she thought it was a 'zombie movie'...she'd obviously been there when they filmed those scenes).

Will we one day find out that something in our food, our air, our water, our meds/vacs was put there to 'control us' in some way? Possibly in some sort of 'mark'? I would not be surprised one bit.

I can only pray that we are gone, outta here by the time things get that bad. I hope that someone informs the CDC that their attempt at humor (if it even is), is unprofessional and has them remove their stupid 'info page'.