Suzi (23 May 2011)
"So many comments/jokes/snarks toward the 21st!"

I don't think I've heard so many non-Christians talking (even in snide ways) about the Rapture in my whole life! I can remember, when I was little, finding an old 'memeographed' copy of a "The World Will End" on such and such a date paper on the school grounds. I didn't tell my parents, didn't tell my friends...I kept that paper and waited for that day, so scared...I remember, on the said date, I thought the 'day ended' at sundown (funny how I just figured that....not at midnight, huh). I sat at our kitchen table, watching the sun drop lower and lower in the West...we live in the Valley, and back then the sky was so clear you could see the perfect outline of the hills every evening. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scared. I don't know know what I thought was going to happen...but as the sun touched the edge of the hill, I just waited, waited...till that last little orange dot disappeared. I swear the air was deathly still, I was probably holding my breath too. Then. Nothing happened. Looking back, that very well could have been one of the things that 'turned me off' the Bible, since the paper had all kinds of references to verses and such. Wow.

So, now the 21st has I posted this to a friend of my daughter's on Facebook, what do you think?

Do you think this 'two strikes against him' man has done more harm or good? I know a lot of people were looking up the Rapture, and a lot heard/read people setting things to rights...but do you think it did any good? Or did 'we' all just sound crazy (as he did)?

Maybe some people will get something out of it, maybe it will help people be aware, or at least be prepared when it does come. I just hope that it can create some Watchers, who will not be taken unaware.

I feel sorry for those who were led astray from him, they definitely need prayer. I will happen someday.