Suzi (23 May 2011)
"On the subject of DNA"

The Lord  knows us, inside and out. He knows the numbers of the hairs on our heads. We can only pretend to know a fraction of the 'knowing' of God.

The DNA stories always crack me up. People think they know 'who they are'...that is why we must only know who we are IN CHRIST.

For years, I've thought and taught my kids, that since NONE of us truly know who we are (heritage/nationality), how can we be 'prejudiced' against anyone, any race? I love watching the tv show 'Who do you think you are'...they've said that most black Americans have a much lower 'African' DNA than they think they do. Some of those most bigoted actors (Spike Lee for example), was basically set straight when he came face to face with a relative...a little old white lady who he shared an ancestor with.

Unless you do a DNA test, you can't trust word of mouth, or even paperwork, since people can be mistaken or just outright lie. So, the best thing is to just know that we are ALL related (even Science agrees that all mankind can be traced back to ONE WOMAN from Africa! *Eve*)...and as such, we should treat each other as kin. But most importantly, we should know who we are in Christ Jesus. That is the only 'relation' that matters.

I know that some scientists were wanting to do a DNA test on the Shroud, but the Catholic Church is not allowing anything more to be done with it. That saddens me, since it makes it sound (at least to me) that even they do not believe it is real. DNA is a useful tool, but yes, I agree, someone will surely use it to either harm us, mark us, track us or find some other purpose for it.

On a related note, I went to the doc the other day because I have a lump on my right palm, just under the ring finger. The doc said it is very common in people of European descent. huh. Learn something new every day.