Suzi (21 May 2011)
"To Rowina re Clouds"

So funny that you should mention the beautiful clouds and the lack of chemtrails...that's exactly what my daughter and I noticed the other day too!
We are in CA and we both noticed how pretty the sky looked, the deep clear blue (sometimes it takes a good storm to clear/clean our valley air) big and puffy (yes, pillow like) the clouds were. My daughter said, 'the clouds are pretty' and I replied, 'yeah, they are real ones too'. How sad is it that we are so used to those criss cross lines of 'fake clouds' that we see every day from the planes?

It was a nice moment, and it gave me a feeling of how close we are to 'good times'. I felt like I was a little girl and seeing a day the way it used to be here.