Suzi (20 May 2011)
"To Joe Chappell re: mocking of 21st date"

You are right about even the pagans have taken notice of the May 21st 'rapture date' with all the billboards and such. We saw a couple on our way up to Northern Ca., and then down to So. Ca. One of my daughter's friends thought it was something to do with a movie!

My daughter has a lot of 'friends' on Twitter & Facebook that are in 'show business', people who she has worked with and some others who are real life friends with those she knows. *I call them shoestring friends, or 'six degree' friends*.

The actor Patten Oswald posted on Twitter the other day something to the effect of: Just realized I'm going to be flying all day on 'Rapture Day' 21st, hope my pilot is wiccan.

So, yes, even those who do not believe are paying attention, and you can bet if this day goes by and nothing happens, there will be so many 'jokes' on every late night tv show!  I agree with you that it would be the perfect time for us to really be 'snatched away' least then, we'd know that those left behind would have a clue!! Jesus doesn't want anyone to suffer what is coming, but if they do not turn to Him, then maybe this will be a way for them to get that '2nd chance', even if they have to go through the worse part of the Great Tribulation!