Suzi (16 May 2011)
"To Adelissa re: abortion & end times"

Yes, those two subjects are def. related!

When I became a Christian, straight out of pagan/wiccan thinking, I saw abortion for what it was. Even tho' in my 'path', as a witch I was prolife (..."we all come from the goddess, and to her we shall return, like a drop of rain, flowing to the ocean..."), I knew that killing children was a form of 'child sacrifice' that the 'goddess' I 'served' did not want nor need. I KNEW as soon as I became a Christian that it was in fact, Satanism, and was just the same as the sacrifices to Baal and Molech. Children were killed on these altars to ensure prosperity, 'blessings' and all good things. Not much different than today. Just listen to some of the prodeath mob, they will proudly/gladly say that getting rid of the child is for the betterment of society, or themselves in general. They will site relationships, finances, career, mostly all have to do with money in some way. Just like the days of old when people placed these newborns into the firey hands of the statue of these horrid demon-gods.

Likewise, I saw the 'earth majik' of the 'greenies' for what it was. We are told to be good stewards of the earth as it was given to us for our use and care...but when it comes to worship the created over the creator and putting lessor life forms (brine shrip? some insect? even a Kangaroo rat?) over the well being of a human, you KNOW you have some influence of the ungodly coming into the picture!

You cannot reason with a pro-deather. They have been so brainwashed, and so desensitized to what they 'believe' that only God can get through to them. It doesn't mean we should not try, and of course we must continue to pray. But when you can find video that is more damning than anything a pro-lifer can put out, you know how bad it is. I've seen THEIR vids, promoting their cause where women stand up and say, "I just had an abortion a few weeks ago...*she smiles brightly to the crowd who cheers her*...and I can say that it is not the evil thing that "they" try to tell us it is". Really? Scary. They will site, 'who's going to feed it? I have student loans to pay back'...or 'I'm just not ready'...but they will continue to engage in activities that will put them in the same position somewhere down the road (most women don't just have one abortion).

My biggest neon sign that this is so orchestrated by the enemy is the link between the Susan G. Komen group and Planned Parenthood. No one 'likes' cancer...everyone wants to eradicate it, right? Well, one of the big wigs at SGK was a major player in PP, and now SGK gives donations to PP. The problem? It has been documented in repeat studies (some as far back as the '50s), that there is a direct connection between abortion and breast cancer. SGK knows this, so does PP. But both will lie about it. So, when you buy that sack of cat food (or one of the many products that have that pink ribbon symbol on it), if it says some of the proceeds go to cancer research...just know if it states Susan G. Komen for the are, inadvertantly supporting ABORTION and therefore, CANCER. Talk about a cycle of death!! This is all the new face of the 'olde religion'.

My friend made a joke about me being a 'bad witch' when I was younger...since I always knew there was a God, I recognized that Jesus was 'His son', I believed Mary was 'chosen' as a vessel for this 'god-man' was all mixed up and related to the mythology of 'heroes' and other 'folklore'...but I knew there was truth there. I was always 'seeking', and it wasn't till I met my husband that I 'found' the absolute TRUTH. I was a 'white witch'...(hence the friend's joke that I was a 'bad witch', meaning, I wasn't really that good at being a witch). We talked about this when discussing the difference between 'radical muslims' and 'good muslims'...the fact is, the people we call 'good muslims' are actually 'bad muslims', in that they are NOT following what their religion teaches them!

Okay, rambled enough.

Bottom line? Abortion, is definitely a 'Sign of the Times'...and these people who are deluded are playing right into Satan's hands. Keep praying.