Suzi (16 May 2011)
"Reality TV finally does some good!"

I've always been a fan of the tv show 'Survivor', probably because it was one of those childhood adventure fantasies of being on a deserted island. I've not been fond of how they will get rid of the best players though. This year they introduced "Redemption Island", and they also had an awesome young man who is a hard core Christian. During the episodes we saw Matt hit rock bottom, just to bounce back and keep on keeping on with the Lord's help. The most interesting thing was how he influenced another player named Mike. Mike was a Marine, who is also a Christian, but who found a renewed faith after spending time with Matt. The most awesome thing was the end show when they talked to all the players, and those two guys gave the most awesome testimonies! It's 'reality tv'...but this got to the REAL part of life and was an awesome thing to watch.

The 'game' of Survivor is won by being the player who can "Outwit", "Outplay" and "Outlast", but these guys showed what it takes to 'win' at something much bigger than a 'game' for money! Their 'riches' are save and assured. Praise Him!