Suzi (11 May 2011)
"Gay Clergy"

When I became a Christian at 26, I thought, as we were reading about end times events, signs and other topics, I assumed the 'New Age' movement would either become 'mainstream', or infiltrate the Church.

I already knew that abortion was just a modern twist on child sacrifice. Eco-babble was just 'earth magic'. I just figured that Satan would take what was old ("New Age" was always a crack up to me, as a Wiccan, it was 'The Olde Religion'), and put a new face on it, changing it with the times to fit his agenda. I knew that it actually HAD to happen, since we are told it will.

But now, seeing and hearing how 'real churches' are literally falling does take me aback to see it so blatant! There are still subtle movements going on, but some of them are right there, in your face, like this story. Wow.

This is the kind of thing that 'turned me off' going to 'church'. Seems that every church we visited, and even got really involved with one during the kids teen years, had flaws. Of course, being inhabited by HUMANS it would have flaws...but there was always something that I just could not reconcile and it's now been years since I've attended a regular service. I miss the fellowship, and the music, and the connection...but I don't miss the politics and the ugly side of it all.

I look forward to the day when we will all be face to face with Our Lord and it won't be like 'earthly church', it will be the relationship we were meant to have...the communing that Adam & Eve had before the Fall.