Susan Waigwa (3 May 2011)
"Dr. Owuor"

Dear John and all Doves

What kind of people are we?  Do you remember the story of Jonah in the Bible?  Do you remember that he had literally tried to run away from God, just to be swallowed by a fish and he repented in the belly of the fish and that fish vomited him right on the shores of Nineveh, the one place he was not willing to go to?  He urged the people to repent or else in 40 days they will perish.  So he finishes his work.  He carried out what God wanted him to do.  Who is the judge in all these?  God almighty.  The people of Nineveh repented and Jonah said to the Lord, that , that was the reason he never wanted to go to Nineveh in the first place because he knew the Lord will forgive him.  Now, the people of Nineveh had every right to call him a false prophet because his prophecy never materialized.

Why are we so quick to condemn and judge those who are trying to live their best for Jesus? Hellooo!!  Dr. Owuor, and rightly so because he is honestly a doctor in the field of stem engineering or something in those lines, having studied in both the US and Israel, fully qualified for that matter, preaches holiness and righteousness unto the Lord.  If he is a false prophet, then we are all false prophets because at one time we have posted something on FiveDoves that we were convinced but never materialised, hei!!.  For heavens sake, let us grow up and mature.  Let us take note of what was prophesied and happened and never happened and move on with the Lord.  If Dr Owuor was not standing for the truths of Jesus, yes, I would question, but one of us, who is stirring up the body of Christ in every nation that he has been sent to? Please people.  I am sure Satan and his demons are having a party time when he sees no compassion in the body of Christ.

Put your focus on your walk with the Lord and do not dwell on other people.  In everything you read and hear, take what you are convinced of, in the truths of God’s word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit and leave out what does not benefit you in the growth of your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  If you are not happy about a certain person in the body of Christ, quietly, go to the Lord in prayer and pray that person be corrected by the Lord.

Yours in Christ Jesus

Susan Waigwa