Susan Waigwa (25 May 2011)
"Oh! Mortal man"

1 Corinthians 4:7

Oh! Mortal man, what do you have that God did not give you?

That body that you are proud of and flaunt around, was given you by God.

Your beauty, that you use to satisfy the wicked desires of flesh, was given you by God

The wealth that you have, God gave you by allowing circumstances to work in your favour

Oh! Mortal man, you are alive and breathing today because God willingly did it for you.

The protection over your life and loved ones, all come from God and not from the firm grills and bars, and electric fence around your home.

Oh! Mortal man, what do you have by your own strength or by your doing apart from God?

Should you not be using all that you have to glorify Him who deserves it all, even through Christ Jesus?  Oh! Mortal man, shouldn’t you be pursuing after things that do no perish?  Oh! Mortal man, shouldn’t you surrender your life to Him who died for you and who makes all these good things in your life become possible?

Oh! Mortal man, your days are number and are fleetingly so very few and all your labours and achievements will soon come to naught.


Susan Waigwa