Susan B (7 May 2011)
"To Jennie - re your question"

Hello Jennie and all Doves,
Like you I had "alarm bells" when Dr Owuor stated he saw what the rapture would look like.  However - on listening to his message a few times I realised he did not actually say it would happen then.  He only saw HOW it would happen - he didn't say it will happen on such a such a date.
Yes - he saw it happening during one of his revival meetings but this may mean he just saw how it would be - not necssarily at what time.
I admit he does say - I know the place and the people - but again - he doesn't explicitly say "the rapture will happen then".
Have another listen and see if you can discern where I am coming from.
Then again - the Lord has told us that "your young men will have visions and your old men will have dreams" - so who is to say whether or not the date may be given directly to a prophet from God Himself?
I believe a restraint was put upon him to not mention at which revival he saw this happening for this very purpose - he wasn't given a date - just a "picture" of what the rapture would look like.
That's my analysis anyway.  My spirit has a quickening though Jennie - events are lining up and just today we saw two opposing Palestinian groups join forces - unprecedented!!  I believe our redemption cannot be too far away.   Lately my scriptural reading has led me much more to the New Testament and Paul's letters where he mentions the mystery a few times to the different Church groups he writes to.
We also has Susan in the USA and Sabrina in Belgium (who posts the links here under her name Sabrina) who have been receiving letters from the Lord warning repentance and holiness to be "ready" for the groom is coming for the bride- this is the same message Dr Owuour is preaching to the four corners of the earth.  I can't see how a false prophet could have such a genuine message..... but that's my humble opinion only.
I hope this helps a little.
God bless,
Your Sister In Christ
Susan in Aussie Land.