Susan B (7 May 2011)
"Urgent Prayer Request"

Dear Dove Family,
I am asking you to urgently pray for me - I have been offered a job (and I certainly need to work), however, Im having anxiety attacks constantly and the thought of full time work is almost too scary for me to contemplate.  The commencement date is 16th May and starts with a one week training period.
I do suffer from anxiety often and not so much "in my head' but it comes out in me with the most debilitating physical symptoms.  My niece, who is very spiritually gifted has discerned that I am under attack - that the enemy seeks to attack me at my weakest points and to prevent my life from being "normal" (although what is normal?).  However, I do need to work to support myself and even although the salary is not great it is a reasonably good job.
The problem is Im so scared.  I also wear an upper denture (I lost all my top teeth almost a year ago - long story) and it's not fitting anymore and a new one has to be made which is  not going to not be ready in time for my start date.  I seem to be battling forces that are beyond me.  I can talk pretty well without my top teeth but "oh the embarrassment"!
That is why I ask you to lift me up in prayer before Jesus and ask that my ailment is cured so I am free to do a good job of my work, my life as a Christian witness and my obligations to family and friends.  I would be very grateful as I believe there is much power in intercessory prayer and Jesus put it in my heart to ask for prayer.
THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE......   Im so grateful for your support and the love on this board that is so evident.
Your Sister In Christ,
Susan in Australia.