Susan Bentley (3 May 2011)
"Re: Symbolism of the Royal Wedding I've been thinking on"

Dear Doves.
Most of us have commented on the Royal Wedding, however, I believe this one has some special significance for all who watch and wait for our coming Messiah.
Catherine Middleton walked into Westminster Abbey a "commoner" and came out as part of the "royal monarchy". In this she was "grafted in" to the Royal lineage so to speak in the same way Gentiles have been grafted into the fig tree (Israel).  We go to God "common, lowly and in sin" and we come out clothed in robes of righteousness - newly grafted into the line of God's people.  What an incredibly generous and loving God we serve.
The only comparison that doesn't match is - the wedding of the Bride and Jesus will be ONE MILLION TIMES MORE stunning and victorious.
However, I do believe HE is near.....
Watching, waiting, praying, believing......
With love
YSIC Susan in Aussie Land.