Susan B (26 May 2011)
"To Suzi plus Jospeh Prince "pray earnestly""

To Suzi plus Jospeh Prince "pray earnestly"
Hi Suzi
I don't think you have an overractive imagination!!  The scenario you outlined during and after the Rapture is certainly plausible and more than likely probable.  There could be no other "explaining away" of the bodies taken up to Christ other than a stupendous worldwide natural disaster where non believers also die - imho this will be "the great delusion".  Some have theorised that the great delusion will be that we were taken by aliens or some such nonsense but I think that would be far too much for many people to believe!!  I really believe what you outlined is very much the way it will be.
I have a fertile imagination also!!
Now - there is a video clip I saw today with Jospeh Prince who I think is a fabulous preacher and "on fire" for the Lord.  I happened across it by chance when only last night I had prayed "Lord - please show me how to pray more effectively and with more faith".  Then I saw this and it changed my thinking and will certainly change my prayer life (or some of it anyway).  I hope you are all blessed by this wonderful man's preaching and this topic "How to pray more earnestly" is really well worth watching.  Here is the link
I sure hope we are homeward bound soon....
Your sister in Christ,
Susan in Aussie Land.