Susan B (19 May 2011)
"Re:  "lord" ra-el"

Re:  "lord" ra-el
Oh my goodness.  I had a look at the website.  This is gross decption at it's most horrible.  Their form of christianity is gnosticism which holds that only an "enlightened few" hold the real truths relating to Christ, the Gospels, the Universe - and everything.  Gnostics satiate the body (usually with sexual rituals) to supposedly "release the mind".  Horror of horrors!!  As soon as I read the Templar Knights were involved HUGE RED FLAGS went up - well they were already up.
An ex boss of mine was a templar knight and the things I know about him would turn straight hair curly - or dark hair grey overnight.  An evil and wicked man.  Benign on the exterior - rotten to the core on the interior.
Doves  - if this man is not "the" anti christ he is certainly a form of anti christ and I do NOT see how anybody could possibly be caught up in such false heresy - sadly, people will though.  The gnostic tradition also denies the virgin birth of Jesus Christ!!!!  This is pure blasphemy.
I will never ever look at that website again but I wanted to to see what he was on about and it made my hair stand on end and gave me the creepy crawlies, heeby jeebies and whatever else you like to call it.
I wanted to write to them and scream BLASPHEMY at it's worst.  Worst still they want DONATIONS!!!  Another huge red flag.
Oh - when will people learn...... my heart breaks for all those unsaved.  We must pray hard for those people whilst there is still time for them to come to the full knowledge of Jesus the Christ.
YsiC,. Susan in Aussie Land.