Susan B (18 May 2011)
"Re: Rapture Date John Tng"

Re: Rapture Date John Tng
I think that is a very good study.  I also posted on here a while back that in the space of 15 minutes after I had been praying for quite some time - I was shown the number 24 three times in a row.  I don't know if it was coincidental or if this somehow ties in - but I was feeling anxious and worried about date setting and anxious about the very rapture itself (am I good enough - NO - nobody is - only through Jesus blood are we good enough) - and that was when I had 24 three times in a row.  It has never happened since.
I like the fact it's a Tuesday (traditional Jewish Wedding Day) and I think this study is very well borne out by scripture - particularly the two raptures that we do know of - Enoch and Elijah.
But - Im going to expect it "every day" as we are asked to - I would be thrilled to go any day now.  I grow so weary of this world so full of wickedness and people rushing to and fro with no time for their families or anything but work work work to make more money money money.
Not just that but the pure evil that has overtaken the world - I wonder at times that God does not despair...... I am sure it does make Him very sad - to see the state that we've got ourselves into.  It's becoming almost a crime to become a Christian even in the western world where the influence of Islam is now recognised and respected.  We can't burn a Koran without an uproar - but they can burn bibles with no problems!!  Is there something whacky about this or is it just me?  Im also so tired of friends and family who say "I still have so much work to do here in this world for God".  Okay that's fine but are we not exhorted to always be waiting and watching?  They tell me I am far too caught up in watching and not living my life.  I don't think my life is going to go on for much longer truthfully - so why plan for a distant future that may not be there?  Everything is pointing so strongly to it being the end of the age that I would rather be a watcher and waiter than not having enough time to do so.  Sorry if I made a hash of that post - it just makes me frazzled at times when people don't "get it".  Perhaps God has put it into the hearts of some more strongly than others to be watchmen?
Or is it just those who have trouble and strife in their lives who are so longing  His coming?
God bless you all
YsiC, Susan in Aussie Land.