Susan B (12 May 2011)
"Jim - re NWO Elitist"

Jim - re NWO Elitist
Jim - whilst I thank you for posting that I have to say it gave me the absolute willies.  You know why?  Because I believed every word of it.
The NWO is behind the major governments, the media, the health systems, the education system - everything.  They have been engineering this for centuries now.
I believe these (NWO) are satanically influenced and part of the "powers and principalities" that Paul talks about whom we fight against.
That letter was too well written and far too knowledgeable to be "made up" - or that is how it seemed to me trying to read it with a discerning mind.  The very nature of the letter screamed EVIL at me - it almost had EVIL emananating from it.
No wonder God looks down on the World and is disgusted.  HOWEVER good will triumph in the end and that's the wonderful part!!!
I've been down today and that letter made me feel more so - be careful who you show it to because without a full belief in God it could cause a very deep depression I believe..... the very mocking and sneering actually made me feel ill to my stomach.
The other Jim posted that he is "groaning".  Me too.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.
ysiC, Susan in Aussie Land.