Susan B (11 May 2011)
"Phil, Robert and Donna - and all Doves"

Many thanks fellow watchers for your prayers and helpful advice. I'm slowly learning more and more to surrender ALL to Jesus.  Sometimes this is difficult and I fall into my own snare of trying to help myself rather than rely on Jesus.  Thanks Phil for reminding me of the prayer of deliverance and Robert for your lovely prayer for me.  Donna - I hadn't though of acupuncture - I know it can help anxiety quite a bit and may try this if necessary.  However, I hope to report a huge lessening of anxiety soon.  I live alone (my daugher is now independent for the last year) so it's very hard at times to keep reminding myself of these things and I admit I do get lonely - my best friends live interstate and my sister is now very ill with terminal cancer so I do not see much of her.  These are dark times we are living in.  Despite ongoing prayer and fasting by our family for 5 years now my sister still isn't cured of the cancer - I can only say in this instance "Whatever YOU will Lord".  It's true many have been touched by her and her family's continuing faith in the depths of despair and even her oncologist admitted she prayed before opening her last CAT scan results (and she hasn't been a Christian woman at all - the oncologist that is).  So it's very true that whilst we cannot understand why we must sometimes suffer it seems there will always be a purpose (if we are walking with Christ) and although I hate to see her suffer - it's not in vain.
She is now off chemotherapy as the side effects have become far too much for her to withstand.  Im praying she gets to be here for the rapture - it would be the BEST reward for her patience, her never letting go of her faith and her suffering which is now just horrible.  She is in pain, her legs and arms and hands are numb (peripheral neuropathy) and pain relief gives her terrible nausea for which the anti nausea drugs dont' do much for her case in particular.  So I would also appreciate your prayers for my sister - Christine.  Again - many thanks.  Even though I was brought up in Church every Sunday and my Mother and Father were full of faith I consider myself a baby Christian still as I walked away for many years..... only by His grace in giving me affliction in my life did I fully turn back.  I would not swap that for anything in the world.
May God bless you all - and all the Doves richly,
Your sister In Christ,
Susan in Aussie Land.