Steven S (18 May 2011)
"President Obama is about to lure Israel into a false peace treaty with Islam"


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President Obama is about to lure Israel into a false peace treaty with Islam:Obama demands Israeli s

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Obama demands Israeli surrender to suicidal 67-lines

Washington wants Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders, to avoid the Arab Palestinians declaring a new statehood.

President Obama is about to lure Israel into a false peace treaty with Islam.

US president’s coming speech about Washington’s Mideast policy to demand PA recognize Israel, drop unilateral UN bid for statehood, while urging Israel to return to ’67 lines, cease settlement expansion‬‬

US President Barack Obama is set to give his next political speech at 6pm Thursday, just hours before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaves for Washington.

According to a draft of the speech, obtained by Yedioth Ahronoth, the American president’s Middle East policy, though unwavering, may not be as discordant as some have feared.

Obama is expected to urge Israel to return to the 1967 lines while negating the Palestinian Authority’s planned unilateral bid for statehood in September.

The subject of Jerusalem also stands to be included in the American president’s speech:

Washington sees the city as the capital of both Israel and the Palestinian state, with its east Jerusalem neighborhoods – which are largely populated by Palestinians – under the PA’s sovereignty, and its Jewish neighborhoods under Israeli sovereignty.


My comment:

The German capital of Berlin was divided into two half’s as a result of World War II. Half if the city was surrendered to communist oppression that lasted up to 1989.

Obama wants Jerusalem to share the same tragic division as Berlin. While Jerusalem today is the capital of Israel, a free and democratic city, Barack Hussein Obama wants half of the city to be surrendered to renewed Islamic occupation.

Not only shall East Jerusalem become the capital of a totalitarian state, ethnic cleansed for Jews. The US President demands that the liberated Jewish districts of Judea and Samaria shall be forced back under a despotic, racist and oppressive rule of Islamic criminals.

The most alarming effect of such a surrender of Jewish land, is that a mini-Israel can be easily erased by Islamic forces. If Israel give the so-called “West bank” back to Islamic forces, Israel will be hardly 18 kilometers wide just north of Tel Aviv. This defense line is the “Auschwitz line”. No army in the World will be able to defend such a small area from a military assault.

Obama will have succeeded where Hitler failed. While the Jews in 1940 was scattered all over the World, almost six million Jews will now be gathered inside an area that is reduced to the size of a large concentration camp. This camp will still be named “Israel”, but will be just a little bit bigger than Greater New York.

Today’s pressure on Israel is horrible. It is quite similar to the pressure the Jews was under in the beginning of the 1930-ties. No where to run….

Written by Ivar


Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.