Steven S (11 May 2011)
"Jewish quarter in Jerusalem deleted from new Arab maps"

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Jewish quarter in Jerusalem deleted from new Arab maps

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Jewish quarter in Jerusalem deleted from new Arab maps
May 11, 2011

Jewish Quarter removed from Old City map, Hebrew erased from Mandate-era stamp.

The true map of the Old City of Jerusalem with the Jewish Quarter present.
This is typical example of Islamic propaganda fund in Arab Palestinian text books.

The Palestinian Authority still has a long way to go before textbooks in its schools begin to teach true
coexistence with Israeli Jews, according to findings from a study released in April.

The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE), which reviews textbooks from Israel, the Arab world and Iran, unveiled its 2011 report on PA school textbooks in a briefing with journalists at the headquarters of MediaCentral, in Jerusalem.

The organization reviewed 118 textbooks currently used in Palestinian schools.

71 of which are for students in grades one through 12, and 25 that are taught in religious schools in the West
Bank and issued by the PA Ministry of Wakf and Religious Affairs.

While respect for the environment and sustainable energy resources are taught to Palestinian students, IMPACT-SE found that textbooks
blame Israel for all environmental problems.

“There is generally a total denial of the existence of Israel – and if there is an Israeli presence it is usually extremely negative,” said Eldad Pardo, an IMPACT-SE board member, and head of the organization’s Palestinian textbook research group.

“For the next generation, there is no education at all about collaboration and no information about the many collaborations that already exist between Israelis and Palestinians in environmental and other areas.”.

In geography textbooks, Israel usually does not appear in maps of the Middle East, instead “Palestine” is shown to encompass Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Jaffa is also shown on maps of Palestine,

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Arab Palestinian schoolbooks are similar to the Nazi school books published in Germany in 1938. Austria was early explained to be populated with German people, and Vienna a city of German origin.

The map of Gros-Deutschland was just on step towards World Domain and global Nazi-rule.
The Nazis did what they promised to do. On day Austria was gone.

History repeats it self. The Islamic maps of the Middle East do not display the state of Israel. Just like Austria suddenly disappeared from the maps of Europe.

Jesus is coming soon!