Steven Prieur (20 May 2011)
"Glenn Beck"

For those who write to speculated on what side Glenn Beck is on! I watch Glenn Beck and listen to him on the radio. Glenn Beck STANDS WITH ISREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!.. i watched his show a few weeks ago and Pastor John Hagee was there and said Glenn was a key note speaker this summer @ the mall in DC.

If anyone is the Anti-christ is OBAMA!!  Selling out Isreal and selling out the American people. I guess Obama never read the bible. If we abandon Isreal God will abandon us. Look up,, rapture is near. Obamais leading the charge to give power to the Beast...

"STAND WITH ISREAL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

If John Hagee is good wkith Glenn Beck I am for sure. John Hagee is blessed with  a clear vision from God.

SGT Steven Prieur RN