Steven Edel (27 May 2011)
"The Five Wise & the Five Foolish ..."


This topic of the Ten Virgins seems to be getting a lot of play here on Five Doves.

I don’t wish to be too dogmatic about this … but it seems fairly straight-forward, as I believe is the best way to interpret Scripture.


The fact that they are all virgins indicates that none of them have gone “a-whoring” after other gods.

All believe in the one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


All ten are earnestly looking for the return of their Messiah.


Only five however, have oilThe Holy Spirit. Only the five have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives. These are going into the Marriage Supper.

Five are still looking for the Messiah to come and therefore have no oil – no Jesus, no Holy Spirit.  These are told to go out and find someone to sell them this oil … and they will pay dearly for it during the Tribulation.


The five wise virgins are the Church.

The five foolish virgins represent Israel in her unbelief.


Tetelestai …


Palm Harbor, FLA