Steve (10 May 2011)
"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ..."

In Re: Fay’s article on the color of the horses…


The White Horse – represents Catholicism … the Pope is always in white, right down to his white Prada shoes  (yes – the Pope wears Prada); even the Popemobile is white.


The Red Horse – represents Communism … all their flags are predominately red, Red China, etc.


The Black Horse – represents Capitalism … Capitalists like to run in the black ink – the scales or balances represent commerce.


The Green Horse – represents Islam – green flags; notice the huge green doors on the Dome of the Rock.


All horses have been riding for some time, with the Green Horse recently closing the gap. Of course the horses are “bridled” or “reined-in” due to the restraining power of the Roash Ha Kodesh. Once He is removed - then they are free to run amok.


May our Lord continue to bless your work …


Palm Harbor, FLA