Steve Mullin (9 May 2011)
"Jim Bramlett's post and video re: Elenin"

That was a really interesting video about the alignments of the comet or planet, sun, and earth during the Christchurch and Chile earthquakes, especially as it is/was located so far from us during those dates. Hard to believe it will be so much closer in similar alignments this year. Though the Haiti quake was only in the 7 range on the richter scale, I checked it out to see if it had the same alignments but it didn't. I think the main point that was so fascinating to me about that post was that the video's producer kept calling it a dwarf star. I had no idea about the size difference between a comet, dwarf star, and avg planet, but that chart helped and can explain how, if it actually is that large, that it could have that effect on earth. Also, Rosh Hashanah this year is on 9/29 and the new moon is tuesday eve 9/27 (Wed in Israel) when the groom traditionally came for the bride. I've been having a lot of dreams in the past 6 months seeing terrifyingly large waves. My viewpoint is always from the point that I am in its path and everyone desperately runs the opposite way. It's gotta be close.
Steve Mullin