Steve Mullin (30 May 2011)
"Possible Big Event Coming?"

During Netanyahu's speech to congress recently, he hinted that a possible strike on Iran could be coming. During the speech, he used the phrase "peace and security" as well.
For years now, there have been numerous discussions regarding Iran's ability to have nuclear weapons. Netanyahu has compared Iran to Germany in 1938 and said during the speech, "never again" would leadership allow that to happen. Though the stuxnet computer virus may have set Iran back a little, it was recently announced that a high ranking russian official would be present at the inaugural opening of the Bushehr power plant.
Combining the killing of Saddam and Osama, the ousting of Mubarak and most likely Gadhafi and Assad, days of rage across many other countries in the Middle East, NATO's voting on the Israel-Palestine issue in September, the upcoming summit between Obama Abbas and Netanyahu regarding 67 lines and Jerusalem, the approaching of comet/dwarf star Elenin in September, Harold Camping's message about the rapture getting worldwide attention, economies on the brink, the signs in the heavens discovered by Mark Biltz, and so many other dreams and visions, we have to be really close.
Steve Mullin