Steve Mullin (2 May 2011)
"To Curt: RE BHO's Birth Certificate"

I would be careful to dismiss an entire site's worth of truth-seeking born-again Christians as wrong so quickly. Do you think it's strange that almost all of us believe he is hiding something and could very well be the AC? Doesn't the spirit bear witness to the fact that he is not being truthful?
You answered some points about the birth certificate, but not some very important ones.
What about WorldNetDaily's coverage of the issue with so many documented examples of inconsistencies? Jerome Corsi's (phd) book was due out so Obama knew he was going to have to answer the question eventually. If he is lying, that means his bc is a forgery and WND gives some interesting comparisons of birth certificates of twins that were born within one day of him. Why the different date format one day apart?, why the different margin alignments?, etc..
What about his 2004 Senatorial debate with Alan Keyes?: The entire clip just showed Keyes as he turned his head toward Obama saying, ‘Well, you’re not even a natural born citizen.’  Obama confidently responds, ‘That’s OK, I’m not running for President, I’m only running for the Senate.’
What about his own grandmother saying she was present at his birth in Kenya?
What about his family member/s (I believe sister) giving out two different hospitals where he was born in Hawaii?
What about Obama's original official myspace page from 4 or 5 years ago having the wrong age listed for him?
What about the Connecticut social security number? Or the fact that he has been linked to as many as 30 different social security numbers?
What about the other missing or sealed records?
You said, "The only money that was actually spent was on lawyers hired to defend Obama against people demanding to see his BC. In other words, the only money he spent was involuntary - he had no choice but to represent himself in these trials - anything else would be regarded as contempt of court. And even then, the trials were all dismissed very early on, so the actual amount of cash spent was minimal."
The actual amount spent has not been minimal compared to the simple act of providing the birth certificate when originally questioned. A child can't be on a soccer team in this country without showing it. A person can't fly to another country without showing it, so it should have been simple. He let a man, Colonel Lakin, go to jail instead of just showing it, which again begs the question why?
And then there are inconsistencies with what he says and does that make us all question him. During a recent public address, he says that he wakes up in the morning asking guidance from his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and does the same before he goes to sleep each night. Nice, right? But then he says there is no more beautiful sound than the call to prayer in the evenings in the Muslim world? Huh?
Then he says during his campaign that he visited all 57 states? huh? Was he just out of it from all of that travel? Or was it a reference to the 57 Islamic states? Who knows for sure, but again, weird and mysterious.
Here is a listing of over 200 articles by WorldNetDaily discussing his eligibility. Very in-depth and hard to argue with in my opinion.
 Steve Mullin