Stefen L (9 May 2011)
"Black Jack Pt.3...52 Cards...52 Days Between May 1st And June 22nd...Coincidence???"

Hello everyone,
I've made two posts the past couple days regarding the black jack post on the daily telegraph. I found this new info. by accident on the web and dont know if it is coincidence or something significant.

Black jack uses 52 cards; there are 52 days from May 1, 2011 when Osama was reprted killed to June 22, 2011...the date "operation black jack" would occur according to the slide show!!
With the release of "al'queda" threatening to use nuclear devices on American cities if Osama was ever killed...this caught my eye.
I pray that this is just a coincidence. I live very close to one of those cities mentioned as targets in the slide show. Ultimately, God is in control. But it seems the way things have been going on in the world as of late, anything can happen.
It's definately a good idea to seek God and pray for His protection and guidance during these crazy days.