Stefen L (6 May 2011)
"June 2011 Nukes??? Lets Hope Not!!!"

How are all you fellow doves doing?
I wanted to give you something that is stark but by no means absolute; its just a possible correlation that Ive noticed. So lets hope Im wrong. Someone called me the other day and said Osama is dead...its on the news, I sarcastically replied..."again"! Yes, there have been a couple of report over the years that Osama was killed. Well, if he's dead is there any tangible proof? Well...his body is in the sea, and pictures arent being go figure!!! The former prime minister of pakistan Benazir Bhutto said Osama was dead back in 2007 during an interwiew "I think" with the BBC. She was assasinated about 2 to 4 weeks later.
 So, Ron Reese made a post today summarizing that "al'queda" would retaliate with nukes if osama was killed. Very eye opening. So here it is:
Back around 2007 or 2008...I dont recall, many came across a post on the London Daily Telegraph outlining multiple nuclear incedents in the U.S. and England/Canada. Its basically laid out like a bookstore comic story, and it shows major cities in the U.S. and those other nations having nukes (suitcase nukes) I assume detinated in those cities. Theres a lot of detail in it. At the time some criticized the London Daily Telegraph for posting it and requested that it be removed...the response from them was that is was fiction...and its still up to this day. The story is called "Black Jack". It gives dates and images along with encoded messages about a nuclear holocost on these nations. The question had always been, "why is this being showcased on the London Daily Telegraph site"? I cant get the pics to post so you'll have to go to the website and see it slide by slide: ...view it and read it for yourselves. Its a story of "a" coming nuclear holocost...but read the "fine print" in the details.
All the nukes detonate on June 22nd...which is the summer solstice...but it doesnt say what year...that clue is later. It gives the times the bombs go off...they all add to either 1111 or 911 backwards...dont know the significance of this. Then in part 5, slide 8...which ads to 13 btw, the expiration date of this card is 9/11/11...hinting that the nuke event happened prior to that date...on June 22, 2011? On that slide there is an ID code, using Base 64 decode it translates, "Hath Cadwal Now TO Give It Motion"? Cadwal is a fictional planet in a science fiction story in which mankind had to essentially be eliminated to preserve the planet...sound familiar. Funny thing is, back in the day when it first came out the code translated..."this is not mearly fiction"! or something to that effect. It has appearantly changed since that time.
So what is all of this. I believe that these could be hidden messages posted by whoever about things which "may" take place. Who knows. But theres certaintly been a track record:
In this episode of the simpsons...a nuclear device is detonated and a clock tower from the site of detonation lands in homers back yard with the hands at 6/11...June 2011??? It then shows another clip possibly foreshadowing 9/11.
Ultimately, Osama has been killed. Whether he's been dead for a while or not, they've announced it now. Its in the grapevine al'queda would retaliate with terrorist nukes if Osama was ever killed. The scenerio in blackjack shows a nuclear catastrophe occuring on summer solstice June 22nd of an unknown year, but a message in an ID card in the slide show shows the card expiring on 9/11/11 indicating the event occured prior to that date. Then a nuclear device exploding in the simpsons causes a clock tower to land in homers backyard with the hands on 6 and 11...June 2011...just like in black jack?? Is this a confirmation??
I looked to see what the date was for summer soltice in 2011 and 2012. It wouldn't work for June 2012 because the solstice occurs a day early on the 20th of June. The nuke event of black jack would either have to occur in 2011 or 2013 and the years following...if it was actually pointing to a realistic nuke event. 6 cities are listed as targets in blackjack, apparently 6 nukes came up missing during the bush/cheney admin. in that controversy flight from minot afb to barksdale afb in louisiana back in 2007 I think. Is there a correlation??
Now, im not saying something like this is going to happen in the next two months...only that there is a strange correlation with all these "signposts" and Osama's recent death...and the open threats that follwed his death. Ron Reese posted this I said, its very eye opening. Lets hope this is wrong...and if it is we can shuffle this post in the stack of unfulfilled predictions, but if its not then take heed and brace for impact.