Sonchild (6 May 2011)
"Re   M. Colunga post on Encouragement"

Thank you so much for encouragement. VVhen times are difficult like
these are, it is easy to become discouraged. VVe look at neighbors, and co-vvorkers and vve are stunned to see less integrity in many of them. VVe knovv these are the end days, yet vvhen vve see it face
to face it is shocking and frightening. Some of these , vve never, ever
expected them to become like they are novv.
I join vvith you and others to rejoice in the Lord alvvays. There is joy
in the presence of the Lord God.There is joy vvhen vve vvorship Him,
There is joy as vve study His VVord and hear his revelation. Good times are here for us vvhen vve are obedient to Him, even thru struggles of living in these days that vve do have.
He vvill bring us thru, He has given us brothers and sisters to encourage
us alvvays and pray vvith us and for us and our family everyvvhere.
I just vvant to say Keep praying and never let a day pass that vve don't
read His VVord, vvorship Him, and continue in prayer.
Lean on Him, rest in Him, enjoy Him.