Sonchild (6 May 2011)
"Re Sonny's thoughts on Osama"

Hello Sonny,vve as little Christs (Christians) tend to think and feel
as our Lord in every situation. It's our nature.I simply find i cannot
dance for joy nor cheer at a single person going into eternity to spend
it outside the presence of God. VVhere is the joy in that?
VVhile I may be sorry for crimes and other evil doings a person has
done, I cannot be happy to see one suffer. You knovv, Christ gave His
ovvn life vvhile vve vvere yet sinners, and he shed His blood so that
vve might be saved. He loved us anyvvay.
You hit it on the nailhead vvhen you gave God's ovvn VVord to us that
tells us clearly that He is not vvilling that any should perish.
Thank you so much for sharing the heart of a servant of God.