Shelva Sirry (13 May 2011)
"Eternal Earth Bound Pets (Insurance for pets "Left Behind")"

Believe it or not the above is a group of Athiests who want to care for your pets when the Rapture happens starting with the May 21, 2011 rapture prophecy!! A fee of $135 guarantees the people of this group now operating in 26 states will come to get your pet within hours of your rapture. This fee is good for 10 years from date of receipt of your money.
God used a talking donkey to speak His word now He is using Athiests to convince people of the Rapture. He sure has a sense of humor. He is also a Master-Mind. Imagine the talk this will generate as word of this spreads. Get ready to answer questions from your unsaved animal loving friends. Get ready to share the gospel with them. Get ready, if you believe it, to reassure them that if they are truly saved, their beloved pets will be going with them at the Rapture. (No need to get technical and tell them our pets will be in Paradise while we are at the Marriage Supper.)
However, if you are one of the Christians who is not sure what will happen to your pet at the Rapture, maybe this service would bring you peace of mind. People may think this is a gimick at first but after reading their website I can tell you it is not. These Athiests are really animal lovers and believe if you are right about the existence of God and they are wrong, your pets will need them. Look them up on your search engine for their code of ethics and why you should trust them to fulfill their contract with you. Pray about it and do what brings you peace.
Blessings to all Doves,
Hallelujah Ministries!