Rowina (7 May 2011)
"Doves prayers for the Lord to come"

I notice today, May 6, 2011, a number of posts in which we are
praying for the Lord to come and take us Home.  These Doves
are terribly distressed by the evil which they see in the world,
and/or are suffering great personal distress.

Jesus did give us the prayer in which we are to pray to be
"delivered from evil", which is sometimes translated, "delivered
from the Evil One", or "from the Time of Trial."  Whatever is
the best translation, the meaning is clear:  we are to ask for
deliverance.  When could it be more needed than now?  Yes,
things could get worse!  All the more reason to pray for deliverance

Some say it is wrong to pray for our soon deliverance because
we should be staying as long as possible to work for the salvation
of souls, or to wait for the Lord to save many more.  I have thought
that, too, and I find it hard to decide what the best response is.
Should we just say "Thy will be done?"

Then I go back to reading the Lord's Prayer again.  And it is
clear that this prayer, which Jesus gave us Himself in response
to a question about how we should pray, tells us to pray that we
may be delivered from Evil, or from the Evil One, or from the Time
of Trial.  And I think we should heed this instruction from Jesus on
how to pray.

My late husband always used the form "Deliver us from the Evil One",
when others were praying the more common "Deliver us from Evil."
He had a strong sense that we needed to be delivered from the
wiles of the Devil.  His view went strongly against the opinions of his
family, other than myself, who thought the concept of "Devil" or "Evil
One" was archaic.  But he persisted.  He WAS delivered by death.
He prayed often for the rapture, before his death.  I think he was right
in doing so.

I am another Dove who is so horrified by the evil of our present
estate, and in such personal trial, that I too pray Maranatha!  Come
Lord Jesus, Deliver us from Evil now!