Rowina (27 May 2011)
"Two celestial objects coming? And the wonderful crop circles of June 1-3"

>From good sources on the internet I discern that there may be
two celestial objects coming, a comet and a dwarf star, which
are somehow connected magnetically.

That said, let me also say what a wonderful surprise it was to
see the "crop circles" pointing to the celestial show on June 1
and/or June 3, 2011, and posted by Randall in his comments on
CJ's post.  These crop circles show planets aligning amazingly
PLUS an additional "planet" or "star".  The crop circle authors
state that they think the new celestial object will become visible
on one of those dates, and that this is the meaning of the "planet
X" added to the known planets.  They do not know whether it is
a planet or a comet, but whatever it is they believe it could be
visible on June 1 or 3.

The crop circle authors claim that if "Planet X" becomes
visible on one of these dates, it will be proof that the crop
artists could predict something which had not yet happened
and which no one seemed sure would happen.

The beauty of these circles stands alone, whatever they mean!