Rowina (23 May 2011)
"To Suzi on pure, clean clouds in your valley"

I'm amazed that you saw the same pure clean clouds in
your usually polluted valley.  Yes, it is a shame that we
no longer have that natural sky we used to have as
children, before chem trails criss crossed it.  Why do
you suppose they stopped cheming the skies in our
areas during these last few days?

I don't even know what chem trails ARE.  I have heard
they might be some kind of surface set up to bounce waves
off of, for some electro-magnetic purpose.  Scientists at

Our sky continued spectacular in its beauty last night.
When the sun descended in the west, it was brilliant and
nearly white, for there was no pollution to form an orange
sunset.  It was too bright to look at.  The sun sunk
between pure white pillars of cloud.  And then some darker
clouds intermixed with the white clouds, and the sun was
partially hidden, but there was still none of the orange color
which usually accompanies sunsets.

Today, again, blue skies with a few white fluffies.

As you say, it's like a return to our childhood when we
could breathe more freely.  And it's heavenly, too, perhaps
what it will be like at Home.