Rowina (23 May 2011)
"Joe Chapell on the DNA of the 144,000"

Joe, Jewish people are pretty mixed up as to tribe.  They didn't
segregate themselves into 12 distinct tribes in history.  I suppose
some of them may have kept a male-line genealogy for centuries,
even for millennia, but wouldn't these be the few?  Also, converts
have in most ages come into Judaism.  Not just in modern times.
Converts are considered to be Jews by most rabbis; granted, there
are extreme requirements to become converted in an Orthodox
synagogue.  But still the convert is considered kosher. Remember
the famous converts Rehab and Ruth.  Even Abraham, the first

Somehow God will get representatives from the 12 tribes into his
144,000 but He may use "fractions" of descent from various tribes

I agree with Chuck Missler and others that the Jews of the northern
tribes migrated into Judea when the Northern Kingdom fell--that is,
those Jews who wanted to remain Jews.  And there they must have

I guess this is not an important thing when we have the biggies to
consider, with the Birth Pangs in full force at the moment.  But just
thought I'd comment on your interesting thoughts about the l44,000.