Rowina (20 May 2011)
"Eliane, I too await the rising of the dead"

Thanks for the reminder, that the Dead in Christ rise first!
All of us who have loved ones who have gone before
think of this.  They will rise first.

We don't know, as you say, how far ahead of us they
will be...a few minutes, hours, days, even weeks.
Some think that the Dead in Christ rising in Jerusalem
will go about, just as they did in Jesus' resurrection
time, alerting their friends and relatives to the fact
that the Messiah has already come.

I hope some of them may rise here, far from Jerusalem,
and also go about alerting our families and friends that
Jesus is Lord.  My late husband would love to do this,
I know.  I see him visiting his daughters and sons and
their families, and the shocked wonder on their faces.
I hope it happens that way.

However it happens, as you say, they are first!

Praise God.