Rowina (20 May 2011)
"Beautiful clouds"

Yesterday we had the most beautiful clouds where I live in
Northern New Mexico.  No chem trails.  The white and grey
clouds seemed to be hovering low, as if enfolding us, but
the blue sky was strong around them.  They were all different
shapes, but mostly softly curved, as if tender.  I felt the Lord
was hovering behind them.  Usually our clouds make fantastic
pictures, but yesterday they were just soft comforting pillows.

Today I thought of them again when Doves talked again about
the clouds in which Jesus will come.

Twenty years ago the Lord showed me His face in the clouds.
I wrote here about it before, but thinking of "clouds", I am
urged to write it again.  

It was one of those wonderful Seattle days which are as
sunny as they are cloudy.  It was about one in the afternoon,
and I had just come home from church, where I had made a
major decision.  I went upstairs and looked out the window
as I prepared to close the blinds and take a nap.  There was
Jesus in the clouds, easily visible in spite of the clouds because
of the sunlight filtering through and all around Him.  Behind Him
were those stars which were visible through the clouds, even in
the sunlight.  I didn't count them, but I think there were six, with
Jesus in the middle as if He were the middle pillar of a menorah.

Today is another day like that, cloudy and sunny, here in
New Mexico.  No chem trails, but a vast bank of clouds
through which the sun filters.  

Clouds in the sky are the glory of New Mexico.  What is on
the earth is usually dry and sparse.  The landscape is brown
and tan, and only a few big trees can survive in this climate.
Mostly it's scrub bushes.  But above is the glorious panorama
of the ever-changing clouds, the clouds that many artists have
moved here to paint on canvas.  The light of New Mexico is
famous to those artists.  It's my comfort and joy in a sun-
burned land.  

It's hard for me to go out of the house here because I'm
sun sensitive.  When the clouds hover and protect me and
the land, I'm grateful.  And today I'm grateful to our Lord
who made this beauty and protection.