Rowina (2 May 2011)
"Wedding of Kate/William--not drugged, not stupefied"

I agree with Ola that this presentation of the gospel of Christ (meticulously
enunciated in the wedding of Kate and William) was a benefit to mankind.
It was broadcast to "billions" of people.

Mercer notes on Doves that there was a seriousness about this wedding.
The camera pictures of the participants showed earnestness.  What a
contrast to the "clips" of the wedding of Charles and Diana, where Diana
looked sort of drugged (what one could see beneath the heavy veiling)
and Charles looked robotic.  This was like a "healing" service.

I am not a fan of the royal family.  I wish they would dissolve and become
just normal citizens.  But if they MUST exist, this wedding was an example
of what good they CAN do in the world.  I am not at all approving of the
ostentatious expenditure of wealth exemplified by this wedding, and even
by the Aston-Martin automobile driven away from Buckingham Palace by
the Prince and his new wife.  I am not a fan of the "titles" given to her relatives
by the Queen, in this case "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge" given to
William and Kate.  And the idea that she cannot be called Princess yet because
she was not born "royal"--more fulmination of the Merovingian myth!  Foolishness!

Nevertheless, this wedding did cause many to hear the gospel of what God
intended for mankind and for His church.  Let us accept it as that, as a good
thing growing like a lily out of the dirt at the bottom of a pond.

Even if the marriage is short--even if they, with us, are raptured soon--it is good
that they affirmed the values of the gospel on this day.