Rowina (12 May 2011)
"Bunny Luv--my cottontail came to the yard!"

It's been a while since Mr. Cottontail came to my back yard,
but there he was eating grass at dawn, a shadowy figure not
yet perfectly clear.  It's been months.  I have noticed that
Mr. Cottontail comes to see me the day before I go on a long
trip.  Last time was when I went to Phoenix, and the time before
that when I went to Seattle.

He always sits still and watches me when I appear in the window.
He interrupts his eating to commune with me--or perhaps to watch
me carefully and make sure I am not an enemy.  

I have often prayed that Mr. Cottontail would come to the yard,
when I was very sad and needed encouragement.  He (or one
just like him) was a favorite of my late husband, and when he
longed to come home from the hospital, he said it was to see his

This is not a pet; he's just one of God's creatures that is very dear
to both my husband and me.

So, I wish the long trip I am going on soon could be to Home in
Heaven, and I hope my Bunny Luv comes along with me, with
the dove and the heron and all the other members of the wild gang,
and oh yes, Fay's "Wild".