Ronelle (19 May 2011)
"Sign of Jonah"

Just thinking that Jonah was to bring the message of Judgement to Nineveh.  Maybe God is using the May 21st day of Judgement/ supposed rapture date of Harold Camping as the 3 day warning for the rapture?  Just as Jonah spent 3 days in the belly of the whale so maybe it is a 3 day warning until the real rapture?  I am still thinking though that the fall feasts will all need to be fulfilled so somehow the counts need to end in the fall with Christ's second coming.  I font know if a 2300 shortened tribulation would take us to the fall feasts being fulfilled or not.  Just a thought.  The rapture being on feasts of trumpets seems pretty convincing to me.  Then Elenin will be coming into alignment and very close around feast of trumpets and there may be an eclipse of the sun for several days at that time.  So if this spring rapture that lots of people feel is going to happen doesn't then I would think by the end of Sept we may be leaving then.