Robert Belanger (27 May 2011)
"Re: Susan in Aussie Land -- on Faith"


Your recent message and link to Joseph Prince's video
you provide a wonderful, Biblical, and effective way to overcome problems in our lives, by sincerely applying what little faith we already have to issue direct commands in Jesus' name for the problem to be gone and "cast into the sea".

Read in the New Testament where this instruction is given by Jesus. In Luke 17:5-6 Jesus is asked how His followers could increase their faith. They wanted to have some of the power that Jesus displayed using the faith that He had.

His answer was that faith increases as it is used, implied by the example of a small faith, the size of a tiny mustard seed, being sufficient to cast a mulberry tree by the roots into the sea. In other words, not much faith is needed, just some real genuine faith that is based on heart-felt belief and trust in God.

The command to be cast away must be in Jesus' name and must be repeated, as indicated by the imperfect Greek tense of the verb "to say" in the original Greek text. However, the results of the command are stated in the aorist perfect tense of the verb "be pulled up" which indicates a once done forever result.

Please do click on the above link to watch the video by Joseph Prince given by Susan above and these things will be made clearer. Joseph Prince is a gifted speaker and can make the meaning clearer than I can in this short description.

In Joseph's own personal example from his youth, Joseph said he commanded his bad problem with body perspiration to be gone in Jesus' name for a month or two in his daily prayer time, before one day it was gone. There was no sudden feeling associated with the disappearance, it was just gone.

Thank you very much Susan for bringing this Biblical truth to the awareness of many who may indeed benefit greatly in these last days of grace. May God, our loving Father, continue to shower His blessings into your life, Susan.