Robert Belanger (27 May 2011)
"Re: Kevin Movies on June 3"

Kevin per your message Kevin (26 May 2011), the movies to be released on June 3 are the following:
- Beginners
- Bride Flight
- Love, Wedding,Marriage
- Rejoice and Shout
- Submarine
- The Last Mountain
- The Lion of Judah
- X-Men: First Class

My guess for the four you chose are: Bride Flight, Love, Wedding, Marriage, Rejoice and Shout and The Lion of Judah.

It is interesting to note that Beginners and the Last Mountain could also be seen in a rapture viewpoint, since we will all be beginners in new glorified bodies and the many earthquakes will probably leave a few last mountains still standing.

Thanks for the link, it was fun to think about these secular films with hidden spiritual meanings for believers!